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Was I the only one to see the Aurora the other night? 

Just kidding. I know your instagram feeds have been inundated with photos from everyone. Here are mine. 

I went up to Northern Minnesota (a good place to see the Northern lights anytime). I was treated to an incredible display. The aurora turned from a green to a blue/violet in a matter of minutes. From then on for then next few hours it danced across the sky, occasionally shooting down pillars or long wavy displays of light and color directly overhead all the way to the horizon. Amazing…A bucket list experience checked off.


Aurora over Minnesota


    All photographs are printed on E-Surface Paper. E-surface paper—also called luster, satin, pearl, and sometimes semi-gloss—is a premium finish on a heavier paper. It boasts accurate color, realistic saturation, excellent neutral flesh reproduction, and great intensity. It offers brighter blues, cyans, purples, and reds with a finger-resistant finish. It hides minor scratches and scuffs from wear and handling and has a lower direct reflection of light to the viewer. This makes for less glare or shine and makes the image easier to see from all angles. Standard Archival Value of 100 years in-home display; 200 years in dark storage. 

    My photos are high resolution (I'm using a 45mp camera) and look fantastic printed large!

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    Please note: Prints are sold unframed. The colors of the prints might differ slightly from what you see on your monitor and the picture size may be slightly different from the photo displayed if a custom size is requested.

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