iGUIDE is a 360 platform for real estate and commercial spaces. It is an immersive experience that allows real estate professionals and/or business owners to share information with buyers or clients who are looking for a home or a wish to see the interior of a business.


For Real Estate Professionals

With iGUIDE virtual tours, buyers don’t just see a home, they see themselves living there. iGuide virtual home tours open listings to a limitless number of buyers from anywhere in the world. iGUIDE Virtual tour lets you experience the property down to the smallest detail, with the clarity of stepping through the front door. A clickable floor plans and room dimensions are all included. Agents also have full access to analytics and reports

For Business Owners

For business owners iGUIDE gives potential customers an opportunity to see the space and familiarise themselves with the surroundings. Perhaps you have a commercial space such as a gym, shop or studio that potential customers can see before they visit. A clickable floor plans and room dimensions are all included in the package and the client view can be fully customized. 


Each iGuide virtual tour allows you to have an immersive 24/7 experience that can also include photos, aerials, video and floor plans as well as your seamless 360 experience. For commercial spaces, Google street view can also be integrated. 

Each iGUIDE is fully customizable so only the information you want to display is on show.





What is included

Book a iGUIDE® photo shoot with me. Within a day or two after the shoot you will have everything you need to list your property on search portals, web sites as well as market on social media. Every iGUIDE includes:​

  • Immersive 3D Tour

  • Detailed Clickable Floor Plans

  • Laser-Accurate Room Measurements and Dimensions

  • Reliable Property Square Footage Calculations

  • iGuide analytics 

  • Branded or unbranded tours

  • Social media links/embed code

All tours can be fully customized to suit your own specific needs and show only the information you want.

Add ons include:

  • Hi-resolution still images

  • Video

  • Drone shots

  • Integration with Google Street View



Other Examples


iGuide Virtual Tour turn-around time is usually within 24 hours. Within 24 hours you’ll receive your ultimate real estate report along with your photos if included. Links are included to add tours and floor plans to MLS, Zillow and other platforms.


iGUIDE Analytics is your weekly online activity report:

  • 3 Sets of Data

    • All Time Activity

    • Last 7 Days

    • Last 8 Weeks

  • Data for your Sellers

    • Number of iGUIDE Visitors

    • Number of Repeat Visitors

    • How long are they visiting for

  • Data for you

    • Where are they coming from

    • When is my greatest activity

  • Lock & Share your iGUIDE

    • When ‘Sold’ Lock public access

    • Share ‘Private Access’ with Buyers


What's the difference between standard and Premium?

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 5.06.13 AM.png

iGUIDE including floorplan, reports and analytics
Approx 2000 sq. ft - iGUIDE $130   
Approx 2500 sq. ft - iGUIDE
Approx 3000 sq. ft - iGUIDE $190   
Approx 3500 sq. ft - iGUIDE $220

Approx 4000 sq. ft - iGUIDE $250   

Approx 4500 sq. ft - iGUIDE $280 

Approx 5000 sq. ft - iGUIDE $300

Approx 6000+ sq. ft - iGUIDE $350   

For a Premium iGUIDE add $30 to base price.

iGUIDE including STILL IMAGES* + floorplan, reports and analytics. 

iGUIDE + 20 still images additional $150

iGUIDE + 30 still images additional $200

iGUIDE + 40 still images additional $250

* this includes a full set of interior and exterior still images which are added to the iGUIDE. 

** Aerials can also be added to an iGUIDE - call for details.