360 tours including floor plan

From $129

I currently offer iGUIDE 360 tours to map interior spaces. With a 3D virtual tour, prospective leads can do their own walk-through of your properties from anywhere, anytime, generating higher engagement and interest. Floor plans, room measurements, and reliable property square footage are also included. Click HERE for details about IGUIDE

Aerial Photography

I am an FAA-certified drone pilot and use the Mavik Air 2 drone to provide 20 MP images and 4k "fly over" videos. If you need a unique perspective of your property there is no better way than to get up high. I also offer discounted aerials when booked with another shoot.


Basic Suite $175

5 images

20mb+ High resolution

Fully edited

Full Suite $250

10 images

20mb+ High resolution

Fully edited

Twilight Shoot. $190

Twilight shots are an incredible way to make a listing pop. With my background in landscape photography, I can find creative angles to showcase any property. Aerials are also included if the property benefits from them. 

Includes 5-7 fully edited images including 3 aerial images.

Please note that twilight shoots start 30 minutes before sunset and end about 20 after. If booking a time online pick the closest evening time and we can fine-tune later


626 217 3113

Whether you are a design company in need of images for your website or a commercial/retail space in need of some high-quality images. I have the skills to provide the photographic needs for your company. I have worked for Barnes and Noble as well as architecture and landscape companies.

Cinematic 4k Video

626 217 3113

Cinematic video including the interior, exterior and aerials. Video is filmed with a iphone 13 and Gimbal for smooth gliding footage as well as a Mavik air 2 drone. The final product includes full editing with fully licensed music added. Allow 5 days for delivery. 


Real Estate Photography

Every property is unique and client needs are also diverse and varied. I offer 8 photo packages depending on property size and photo technique. I offer full HDR image packages or premium flash-ambient packages. All photos are high resolution, crystal clear and are skillfully edited.

Images are MLS ready and DELIVERED BY THE NEXT DAY. 

Click HERE to see the differences between HDR and flash-ambient techniques.

Package A

15 images

Perfect for one-bedroom apartments or small townhomes (1000-1500 sq ft.). 

HDR  $190

Flash-Ambient  $240 

Package B

20 images

Perfect for smaller properties and 1-2 bedroom townhomes (1500-2000 sq ft.). 

HDR  $225

Flash Ambient  $275

Package C

30 images

Perfect for 3-4 bedroom homes up to 3500 sq. ft. Includes one fireplace and TV replacement. 

HDR  $280

Flash-Ambient   $330

Package D

35 images

Perfect for 4+ bedrooms - over 4000 sq. ft. properties. Includes one fireplace and TV replacement.

HDR   $325

Flash-Ambient   $375

Package ADD ONS

360 iGuide virtual tour (includes a detailed floor plan) $75+
1, 3 or 5 Aerial images   ($40, $80, $110)  - Fully edited
Twilight shoot 5-7 images + 3 aerial shots  $150 (separate trip)
Virtual Twilight (one image) $25
Floor plan   $49
Custom edits - (Fireplace, TV screens, lawns and blue skies) $5-10 per image

Rush (same day) delivery $40

Please let me know what add-ons you would like the button below

HDR v Flash Ambient

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is a quick and easy technique to shoot. I blend three images together and it creates a final product that is sharp, bright, and clear even in the darkest rooms. 


Flash-Ambient is a refined photography technique where is use a flash set up in each room and blends two or three images together. 


Faster (less time on site) - Typical 3000 sq ft home takes 45 minutes

Crisp and clear images

Less expensive

Flash- Ambient

More accurate color rendition in rooms

More even lighting especially in larger rooms

Crisp and clear images

Has a more natural (less processed) look

Clearer views through windows (window pulls)

More consistency between photographs

Longer on-site  - Typical 3000 sq ft home takes 90 minutes

Premium pricing